Blake Mycoskie: Businessweek

I am always inspired by people who manage to do well in business, and do good in the world. In my opinion, these types of entrepreneurs are the ultimate threat, as they have a firm moral foundation that can transcend economic and cultural volatility when well executed. When times are good, people can afford to give; when times are rough, people become more attuned to humanitarian causes.

Blake Mycoskie, founder of the TOMS brand, is releasing a book called Start Something That Matters on September 6. I just finished reading the synopsis and I’m excited! I’m mostly over how-to business books and get rich formulas; however, I love reading fresh and innovative insights that are relevant to today’s business landscape. Lauren Bush, Seth Godin, and Blake Mycoskie all resonate with my idea of ‘today’s cutting-edge entrepreneur’ and I would love to take a glimpse into the minds behind these individuals! Looking forward to downloading Start Something That Matters in the fall.