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Guys! It’s been way too long since my last post (I could go on and on about how busy this year has been so far! But in the interest of time, stop by to see photos from some of my recent adventures). Now, fast-forward to an email I received from charity: water today about Will and Jada Smith’s recent visit to Ethiopia. These two are a true power couple (and Will is proudly from my hometown!), but the fact that they are so hands-on with their philanthropic efforts says so many wonderful things about their character.

The trip was a culmination of a project that started almost two years ago, when the couple donated their birthdays to charity. The project alone raised more than $100,000 to help bring clean water to Ethiopia, but the bigger part happened afterwards. Thousands of people followed Will and Jada’s lead and ultimately raised an additional $679,960 towards the goal.

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Those citizen contributions did not go unrewarded. Jada and Will invited their top fundraisers — Cameron and Suzanne Moll of Authentic Jobs, and Matt Hall and Dr. John Nosti from The Smile Generation — to join them in Ethiopia on July 6. The money that had been previously raised went to fund drilling rig fleets in Meago Village. The project broke ground that day and, for the first time, more than 400 locals had access to clean water. The entire trip was documented on this blog

I can only imagine the excitement and magic that happened in that moment! At the end of the day, those families will no longer have to travel three miles for water (that isn’t even sanitary), women can spend more time working and raising an income, and children can focus on education. Access to clean water will have a major impact on this community, especially considering these are things most of us take for granted. Watch the video from the big day below!


From charity: water on Vimeo.