There was a time when Philadelphia was known as the ‘City of Brotherly Love,’ but now the term is sort of a satirical moniker as Philly faces murder rates comparable to those of troops who died in the Iraqi war. With Philly leading the nation’s largest cities in homicides, it has gotten so bad that Mayor Nutter placed a $20K bounty on every criminal who commits a murder. So Philly, where is the love?

Maybe he was inspired by the ’70s hit “Love Train,” a song released by the Philadelphia-based O’Jays during a time that was noticeably more innocent in the metropolis. We may not be sure what the vision entreprenuer and philanthropist, Keven Parker, has as he begins to tour Philadelphia in his “Love Bus,” committing random acts of kindness. But one thing is for sure: he is steering the city in the right lane.

The Keven Parker Company launched the ‘Spread The Love” initiative to encourage the act of giving and to change lives of Philadelphians throughout the year. Starting today, the company will seek individuals and families who are struggling with things like past-due utility bills and buying groceries. A candidate will be selected each month for Parker’s random act of kindness, and the good deeds will continue to take place until the end of December 2012 (Parker has pledged to fulfill 60 deeds this year). He’ll be sharing tales of his journey on the company’s website and Facebook page, hoping to inspire a domino effect in a city whose heart could use some recucitation.

Know of a Philadelphian in need? Share your stories with the Keven Parker Company here.