Happy holidays! It’s not that Christmas has lost its panache, per se, as much as what was once considered to be the most magical time of year has become more of an iconic celebration of all things spiritual – be it the spirit of generosity, the spirit of religion, or the spirit of indulgence.By far the most important Christmas moments happen in your life during the years when you seem to hit the Santa jackpot – with no thought that those shiny ribbons have any significance other than to add to the excitement of ripping open a curious box filled with Barbie or Nintendo bounty.As age sets in, Christmas holds a new level of significance for everyone. But for kids, it is always the best time of the year.

This year, I am happy to be supporting a toy drive for Children’s Choice of Philadelphia which will provide gifts to children that have been displaced from their families. These children have had a year that has certainly been more tempestuous than most, so to provide a small piece of joy and glittering hope to just one of them is certainly a spiritual act. Children’s Choice hopes to provide this feeling to 110 young people this year. More information about the toy drive below – if you are in the Philadelphia area and would like to donate, contact Mea Meeks at mmeeks@childrenschoice.org.

Children’s Choice Inc. (of Choice Services International) is a private Christian nonprofit social service agency serving foster children and domestic adoptions over the past 25 years.

Each year, Children’s Choice Inc. hopes to make the holidays a bit more enjoyable for our families (especially for the children who are separated from their biological families) by hosting a holiday party, dinner, and toy drive.

This year we are supplying gifts to more than 100 children ranging in age from newborns to 21 years old. Our goal is to make this a memorable and blessed Christmas for each one of them!