What’s that cute little bracelet all of the models are wearing on the red carpet? Well not only is it fabulously reminiscent of the Crayola-hued gimp bracelets we used to make as kids, but it’s also raising awareness for the famine in Somalia. nOir Jewelry paired up with the model-focused website Modelinia to create the limited edition Beautiful Friends Forever (BFF) Bracelets, which represent 17 countries around the world. All of the proceeds from the Somalia bracelet will benefit Save the Children.

Save the Children is an independent charity that has distributed water and aid to famine-stricken children living in East Africa. In response to the drought in the Horn of Africa (which has affected 10 million people), Save the Children has stationed teams on the ground in Mogadishu, Somalia, to provide food, healthcare, and water to devastated families. The organization is asking for $100 million dollars in aid to help fund its programs, which will pay for both food and antibiotics.

The Somalia BFF Bracelet costs $35 and is available on the nOir Jewelry website.