CNN recently published this article about celebrities who give back, posing the age-old question: are they doing it all for image’s sake? Honestly, when anyone is dedicating their time and money to a needy cause, that should be considered a good thing…and when celebrities do it, their action sets a great example for the wide group of people they influence. Sure, if you choose not to like a celebrity more based on their charitable acts alone, that’s fine and even reasonable. But you can’t deny the power of the act itself.

In the article, CNN interviews the founder of Give Back Hollywood, an organization that helps match celebrities to charitable causes. During his interview, Todd Krim shares his opinion on whether or not he believes the stars are it in just for show. Hope you enjoy the read!

The full contents of this article was originally published by CNN on December 16, 2011:

(CNN) — Celebrities are no strangers to charity work: Bono created his ONE campaign to fight global poverty, Angelina Jolie . . . Read the full article at