Design met function at the Chelsea Art Museum this weekend for Model Citizens NYC 2011. There were some very cool pieces! I spoke with a few of the designers there, and you can read my full article on Ask Miss A. Meanwhile, here are some of the photos I took.

I wonder how long something this intricate takes to make? Designer is Jobe Bobee based in Brooklyn.

I spoke with this designer, Melissa Borrell. She started out as a jewelry designer and now makes wall pieces, lighting, and window shades. They are based on her drawings, and mimic shadows.

Photo album by Debra Folz. She also makes shelves and really pretty woven decorations on steel chairs. You can buy one! They’re available at

This is the photo album above when closed. So cute, right?

This shelf was made by the women in the ReNEW program for Build it Green NYC. Made out of recycled NYC water tower wood.

Bags made from paper. This designer is Rebecca Cole Marshall in Brooklyn.

Here’s a conversation piece: this is called Consumption Dinnerware. It maps out your digestive tract as a reminder of what’s going on in your body while you’re eating. And it’s made with fine china. Gotta love those artsy med students! Designer is Leah Piepgras.

I believe this designer is Nina D’Amario in NY.

Aluminum furniture by Margaret Cabanis-Wicht.

Cocane: a cane that an old couple shares while walking. I knoooooow….TOO adorable! It’s just a prototype now, but I’d love to see it produced.

Little people! These pins were designed by Esin Arsin who shared an exhibition space with designer friend Ivey Lian.

These cups tell your fortune. If you don’t want to know, don’t drink the coffee, my friend. Designer Esin Arsan.

Pearl scarf made by designer and flying curator Sophie Duran in Holland. She is so sweet! And it took her three months to make this…full time!