Beyoncé and students dance in the Get Me Bodied video for Let’s Move!

The “Get Me Bodied” singer remixed her popular single to encourage a healthy lifestyle for teens. As a part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s national Let’s Move! initiative against childhood obesity, Beyoncé gathered dozens of middle school-aged students to join her for an energetic lunchroom flash dance she designed to be both healthy and fun.

The show doesn’t stop there; middle schools are invited to upload their workout photos and videos to the Let’s Move! Facebook page, and register with the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF) for Beyoncé’s pre-choreographed flash dance exercise on May 3.

The flash workout instructional video can be found here. Beyoncé‘s video became a viral sensation after it premiered on YouTube (scroll down).

Beyoncé partners with NABEF and the School Boards Association for Let’s Move!