*Lady Gaga Face*
We all know what Robin Hood is known for. But the idea of taking from the rich to give to the poor is surely urban myth-type thinking, right? When you live in NYC, you see millionaires enjoying the same coffee on the same block as a homeless person. The difference however, is that those millionaires will likely be chauffeured off to a cushy penthouse, while the homeless person will beg and scrape for a few cents to pay for his next coffee. And shelter for the night is not even a concern at that moment; but rather, getting through the day without being accidentally kicked, purposely yelled, or subliminally scoffed at.

We realize that Lady Gaga is a strange character (some might call her unhuman), and therefore we can not expect her to behave like average rich folks. If her $1 million donation to the Robin Hood Foundation is any indication, you could probably bet your 401K that her heart is at least three sizes larger than the average person.

The Robin Hood Foundation is a warrior organization combating teen homelessness in NYC. It administers donations, education, and programs that address poverty at its core and bring ongoing awareness to an issue effecting millions of people. Gaga launched a social media campaign with the Foundation in an effort to increase Robin Hood’s Facebook “likes.”

They’ve also enlisted the opinions of said Facebook friends to determine how Gaga’s $1 million donation will be spent. A gigantic street fair buffet, perhaps? A frat house for the homeless? An Apprentice-style reality T.V. show where the winner secures a job as Gaga’s assistant? Actually, a group of five charities will receive the money in tiers based on Facebook votes. Because seriously… the ideas could have been endless and as outrageous as Gaga herself. Nonetheless, votes are welcome and everyone is encouraged to participate. What’s more, Lady Gaga will perform at the Foundation’s Benefit Gala on May 9 in NYC. Two fans will win free tickets each week by entering the raffle held on Robin Hoods’s Facebook page by May 4.

Robin Hood’s Senior Vice President of Development and Communications, Mark Bezos, is excited about the awareness Lady Gaga will bring to the cause. “The exposure that comes from someone who has 32 million Facebook fans is a great opportunity for us,” he said. “But at the end of the day this promotion, this contest, is about helping people who need it and doing it in a way that is not superficial.”