The famously do-gooder skincare and beauty brand, Kiehl’s, is socializing its charity efforts this summer. To add some star power to the mix, they’ve enlisted the help of celebrity friends – actress Julianna Moore and music icons Pharrell Williams and Scissor Sisters – to promote their favorite social causes.

Kiehl’s Gives is an ongoing initiative by the New York City-based company, which boasts 160 years of giving back to local communities around the world. From fighting HIV and AIDS in Mexico, to preserving natural resources in the USA, Kiehl’s travels the globe in search of ways to address the most pressing issues facing our communities. The company is also committed to using safe and sustainable products, as well as responsible practices that improve the lives of foreign workers. Chris Salgardo, President of Kiehl’s USA, said “Kiehl’s Gives is a celebration of our causes, our customers, and our communities.”

To kick off the campaign, Moore, Williams, and Scissor Sisters have recorded videos for Kiehls Gives and YouTube, bringing awareness to their respective causes. Moore is an ambassador for children’s causes and used the forum to discuss Save The Children, one of eight children’s programs that will benefit from the campaign. Williams spoke on behalf of From One Hand to Another (FOHTA), a foundation he started to help build an eco-friendly learning center for underprivileged children in his Virginia hometown. The World Wild Life Fund and Forest For Life are among the other eight environmental charities included in the campaign. Scissor Sisters, whose lead singer Ana Matronic lost her father to AIDS when she was 15, speaks on behalf of the After Hours project, a program that provides support services to people living in low income and minority neighborhoods who are afflicted by the epidemic. A similar program, HIVmobil, is one of the eight AIDS prevention organizations that will benefit from the Kiehl’s campaign.

Until August 31, Kiehl’s will allow their website visitors to vote on the cause that means the most to them. The winning vote will receive a large chunk of a $160,000 donation Kiehl’s has pledged to spread among the 24 charities.

The campaign comes as the company celebrates its 160th anniversary, which is marked by the announcement of Kiehl’s Gives and the partnership with Moore, Williams, and Scissor Sisters. The project’s website,, offers information about the initiative and an opportunity to vote for your favorite of the three causes.