For the past six years, Gucci has partnered with UNICEF to help provide children in Africa with access to quality healthcare and education. Gucci has donated more than $9 million to UNICEF programs that are committed to supporting orphans and other infants and children affected by HIV and AIDS.

In the last two years, Gucci has become a significant partner in UNICEF’s “Schools for Africa” initiative, through which the organizations have been able to rehab schools, providing a safe environment and clean water, and offering quality training to teachers living in six countries including: Angola,  Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa and Zimbabwe. I love this because many of the programs focus on helping completely disadvantaged girls and other young children who live in extreme poverty and are faced with a seriously low quality of life.

To this effort, Gucci — a brand synonymous with luxury and high-end goods — has raised several million dollars through fundraisers, auctions, book sales, accessories, and gift cards to benefit UNICEF. In 2010, the company debuted its ‘Sukey’ bag, a follow up to its “Gucci for UNICEF” bag (launched in November 2007) and special edition Baboushka bag (2009), all earning 25% of worldwide retail sales for UNICEF. This year, the newly designed brown ‘Sukey’ handbag features Gucci’s signature motif, ruched handles, and a detachable charm with the interlocking Gucci logo. The bag is for sale on Gucci’s website until February 28, 2012 and retails for $1430.