CrushCrush Couture

I recently bookmarked a new website, CrushCrush Couture, which sells an impressive array of cute designer jewelry. But the most interesting part is that these folks donate 25% of every purchase to charity. So go ahead; fill your e-shopping cart knowing that you’ll be looking good while doing good, too.

The website, which launched on July 20, offers a selection of discounted designer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and a featured designer’s collection. I spotted everything from vintage styles and traditional glam, to very trendy pieces (if that’s what tickles your fancy). To make a donation, buyers just have to shop their heart away and then decide which charity they’d like to contribute to. Current selections include the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, American Forests, the Helping Every Animal League, and Direct Relief International.

The woman behind CrushCrush Couture is Charli Eaton, a mother who needed to find a way to support herself and her daughter after going through a divorce. Even working through that challenging period, Eaton said that she regularly donated clothes and money to people in need. Inspired by the human affinity for creativity, she wanted to start a business that allowed people to express themselves affordably and while making a contribution to the world. To that end, she launched CrushCrush Couture in a display of her “love for people, animals, the environment, jewelry and fashion.”