Writing, a passion and talent I discovered as a child, is an art very dear to me. Like any passion, I believe that it should be cultivated and expressed, not only as means of personal development, but as a method of serving a purpose and calling higher than yourself. I believe that everyone has the responsibility to engage their talents, as that unique gift was meant to enrich the universe. In some ways, that is what this blog does for me. Each day I am learning and becoming a better version of myself, highly because I am able to authentically express myself through creative outlets.

I support anyone who is genuinely learning how to be their best self. I respect your original work as your work, and expect you to do the same with mine. Anything published here is the result of careful planning and is expressly my own intellectual property. If you like something you read, I urge you to share; just be mindful to give proper credit where it is warranted.

At times I may enlist the help of external sources to illustrate and complement my work, but it remains the property of its original owner. Whenever this is the case, external work republished on this blog is attributed to its original source to the extent possible. If it is your work and you believe that is not the case, please contact me.

From time to time, I take my own photos to illustrate a story in a way that is unique to my vision. When this happens, bystanders may be caught in the scene unintentionally. My intent is not to exploit anyone knowingly or unknowingly. If you have seen your image published here and would like it removed, or if something was said that affects you directly, please contact me. Understand that I am not responsible for damages you may face as a result, as precautions are always taken to protect third party identities.

What I share on this blog is based on my personal perspective and reflection, and highly influenced by the interest of my readers and my individual expression. I take full credit for its content, and nothing found on this site reflects the views of my employer, family, friends, sponsors, advertisers, and associates both business and personal.

That said, I work on a platform of integrity. I dedicate — in many cases — hours to researching and editing to ensure that the information found here is accurate and presented fairly. It is up to the reader to determine what ideas to ingest, and I encourage you to use your discretion when making decisions based on what is said on this blog. I am not responsible for any damages you may face as a result of taking information from this site. Many times, things change or there is information that I couldn’t reasonably have had access to, which may compromise the accuracy of what is published here. Although I am diligent in being sure that this is not the case, sometimes these situations are inevitable. Again, I am not responsible for any loss or damages that this may cause.

Thank you so much for reading, and I respect your continued love and support! Likewise, I am rooting for you in your journey and I hope that it is both rewarding and inspiring.