When we think about our nation’s military, we are certainly aware of the hard work, sweat, and effort that goes into protecting our country. But sometimes it’s hard to imagine the challenges that female veterans face when they’re out there in the throes – as if women didn’t have enough on our shoulders already!

The Fatigues to Fabulous campaign, a multi-year initiative by The Society for Women’s Health Research, brings awareness to the issues faced by female veterans. With support from the fashion industry, Fatigues to Fabulous helps women transition after returning from the military. The campaign provides support for everyday necessities such as wardrobe, education, jobs, healthcare, family support and finance.

DKNYC, in partnership with the Give an Hour nonprofit and Home Shopping Network (HSN), launched a collection of watches for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to benefit Fatigues to Fabulous. The military-style “dog tag” watch debuted during an event at the Lincoln Center on September 8, and was available for purchase on HSN’s website September 8, 9, and 11th. For every watch sold, the Society for Women’s Health Research made a $10 donation to the Fatigues to Fabulous campaign.

HSN also sold a cute DKNYC Fatigues to Fabulous camouflage tote, which donated $5 to the charity for every bag sold.