East coasters can already feel the fall approaching. So, we’ve begun compiling our winter wardrobe “wish list,” soon leaving thoughts of open toes – or open anything – behind us. But that doesn’t mean our warmer climate counterparts wouldn’t appreciate a little bare foot action, especially for a noble cause.

Chipkos, an eco-friendly sandal line that helps conserve endangered rain forests, wants us to know that their shoes have “the power to protect more than just your feet.” When you purchase a pair of their signature squared-toed flip flops, you are also helping to protect 100 square feet of endangered rain forest in Costa Rica.

On Chipkos’ website, you can browse through a selection of original Indian-inspired prints (which includes names like “Ashram,” “Lotus,” and “Trance”), or get slightly more creative with their DIY designs. But if you’re curious enough (or have deep enough pockets) to venture to the Collector’s Edition section, you’ll discover the granddaddy of all chancletas: David Palmer’s ’60s-inspired hand painted sandals which, at $18,000, are apparently the world’s most expensive flip flops. A far cry from the brand’s typical $42 – $58 price tag, the cost includes 100,000 square feet of rain forest land that is guaranteed protection and conservation.

And just in case you were wondering… Palmer’s sandals are not meant to be worn, but indeed preserved as art. (Although they would have made for a great conversation piece at the nail salon, right?)