Tracey Lewis is a writer investigating the narrative, through journalism and brand association, behind modern-day cultural connections, social responsibility, and corporate identity.
Tracey Lewis, Writer

Tracey Lewis, Writer

Tracey Lewis is passionate about philanthropy and exploring the charitable work of businesses and individuals around the world. In her blog, she recounts some of her personal experiences, as well as providing information for readers to get involved in their community and incorporate charitable actions into their daily lifestyle.
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God’s Holiday Gift: Be Mindful of What You Pray For

God’s Holiday Gift: Be Mindful of What You Pray For

Earlier this year, I read somewhere that it is possible to train yourself to spend an entire day in prayer. Virtuous as it may be, this piece of information stunned me. How is it possible – between responsibilities, relationships, work, eating, and exercise – to spend an entire day praying? Of course like most Christians,...

Supporting Children’s Choice Toy Drive

Happy holidays! It’s not that Christmas has lost its panache, per se, as much as what was once considered to be the most magical time of year has become more of an iconic celebration of all things spiritual – be it the spirit of generosity, the spirit of religion, or the spirit of indulgence.By far...
Will and Jada Smith Bring Clean Water to Ethiopia

Will and Jada Smith Bring Clean Water to Ethiopia

Guys! It’s been way too long since my last post (I could go on and on about how busy this year has been so far! But in the interest of time, stop by to see photos from some of my recent adventures). Now, fast-forward to an email I received from charity: water today about Will...

The “Love Bus” That Inspires Random Acts Of Kindess

There was a time when Philadelphia was known as the ‘City of Brotherly Love,’ but now the term is sort of a satirical moniker as Philly faces murder rates comparable to those of troops who died in the Iraqi war. With Philly leading the nation’s largest cities in homicides, it has gotten so bad that...
Making Volunteering More Popular By Making It More Relevant

Making Volunteering More Popular By Making It More Relevant

Huffington Post This past weekend, a medical professional that I had run into started telling me that he is interested in philanthropy. Intrigued, I asked him what he had already been doing to serve his community and his response was that he isn’t doing enough. “I am waiting until I can do more financially,” he told...
2012: It's the Year of You!

2012: It’s the Year of You!

AP / Kin Cheung Happy 2012, everyone! It will be a monumental year ahead, for several reasons. We are entering a time where everything that we once believed to be truth, reliable, and secure is now in question. TIME Magazine named its 2011 Person of the Year “The Protestor,” which is telling of our overall...
In The Bag | Holiday Charity Edition!

In The Bag | Holiday Charity Edition!

The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re like me, you haven’t had time to even begin thinking about a Christmas gift (although I do love all the idea blogs I’ve been reading lately — such fab recommendations for everyone from the BF to brother-in-law!) In fact, those blogs inspired me to look into some...
Reblogged | How Charitable Are Celebrities?

Reblogged | How Charitable Are Celebrities?

Getty CNN recently published this article about celebrities who give back, posing the age-old question: are they doing it all for image’s sake? Honestly, when anyone is dedicating their time and money to a needy cause, that should be considered a good thing…and when celebrities do it, their action sets a great example for the...

MLB Star Ryan Howard Donates $1.2 Million To Philadelphia Schools

Zimbio This story particularly touches my heart because it takes place in my hometown – the wonderful City of Brotherly Love! The Philadelphia Phillies’ first baseman, Ryan Howard, announced that his foundation would provide $1.2 million in Adidas athletic gear to 61 schools within the Philadelphia School District. This is going to make a huge...
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